Anima Mundi
Restoring the Soul
Connecting with Earth
Camille Caldwell, MS
Certified Spiritual Director
Certified Community Herbalist
Certified Naturalist
Nature Connection
Spiritual Direction
Herbal Healing
Nature Inspiration:
Bill Plotkin
David Abram
Jon Young
Stephen Buhner
Richard Louv
Marc Bekoff

Herbal Inspiration:
Rosemary Gladstar
Emily Ruff
David Hoffman
Matthew Wood
David Winston
Deb Soule
Guido Mase
Edward Bach
Valerie Ann Wormwood

Spiritual Inspiration:
Ken Wilber
Joanna Macy
Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Cynthia Bourgeault
Richard Rohr
Nan Merrill
Thomas Keating
Steve McIntosh
Frances Weller
Miribai Starr
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
Robert Augustus Masters
Karla McLaren
Helen Palmer
Brian Swimme
Pema Chodron
John O'Donohue
Thich Nhat Hanh
G.I. Gurdjieff
John Michael Greer
Mary Oliver
David Whyte
Derrick Jensen

Among many, many other amazing
people...  Most of these overlap in the
areas of Nature, Herbs and Spirit.
Ministry History

St. Mary's Catholic Church, Tampa, FL
-2002 - present, Facilitator for the weekly Contemplative Prayer Group
-2000 - 2006, Health Ministry Committee Member (Advisory group that met
with the Parish Nurse regarding parishioner and mission health
care needs and services)
-2000 - 2006, Parish Nurse Program Member (I volunteered to provide periodic
adult and child examinations, immunizations, and referrals),

Audire Spiritual Direction Program
-2006 - 2009, Graduate from the three year program with certification as a
spiritual director in the Contemplative-Evocative approach.

Contemplative Outreach
-2002 - present, Facilitator for the weekly Contemplative Prayer Group at St.
Mary's (My personal centering prayer practice began in 1999, I
attended an Introductory Workshop in 2001)
-2003 - present, Service as a Core Team Member for Contemplative Outreach of
Tampa Bay (This is a Leadership group under the area
Coordinator charged with assessing needs of the community, offering
presentations), Webmaster for
-6/03, Attended 10-day Advanced Intensive Silent Centering Prayer Retreat at St.
John Vianney  Seminary in Miami
-2003-2004, Distance Training, The Christian Contemplative Tradition and the
Desert Fathers,  Mentored by Father Micah Schonberger of St.
Benedict's Monastery in Snowmass, Colorado
-8/04, Attended Contemplative Outreach Introductory Workshop Presenters
Formation Program
-2004 -present, Service as a Certified Introductory Workshop Presenter (Tampa
Area - St. Paul Catholic -11/04, St. Mark Catholic 1/05,
Christ the King Catholic 2/05, St. Peter Claver Catholic 9/04, St. Catherine
Episcopal 10/05, Wellspring United Methodist 9/07)
-5/05, Attended Contemplative Outreach Servant Leadership Formation Program
-2005-2006, Service as Area Coordinator for Contemplative Outreach of Tampa
-2007, Attended Contemplative Outreach Lectio Divina Presenters Formation

Special Presentations I Have Given:
The Cloud of Unknowing, A Contemplative Love Story 9/03
Thomas Merton, Modern Contemplative Activist 2/04
Teresa of Avila and other Women Mystics 4/05
The Good, the True and the Beautiful series 2011
Intimacy with God:  The Inheritance of Abraham, Contemplative Practices within
the Three Abrahamic Religions 4/11
Radical Grace:  Grounding Activism in Contemplative Practices 6/11

-2006 I Sponsored presentations by Fr. William Menninger 1/06 and Fr. Thomas
Keating 4/06

-2004-2006 Attended Living Flame I and II Program. Topics - Refinement of the
Centering Prayer Practice, Lectio Divina, Formation of the
Emotional Programs, The False Self in Action, Divine Therapy, Night of Sense,
Welcoming Prayer, Desert Ammas and Abbas, Monastic Heritage,
Contemplative Living, Grieving and Forgiveness, Soul Friending, Psychology of
Centering Prayer, Night of the Spirit.

-2003-2004 Attended Franciscan Center Scholar's Forum Series "Cooperating with
God's Grace".  Topics -Spiritual Development and the Enneagram, Spiritual
Journey with Fr. Thomas Keating, Fruits of Centering Prayer, Contemplative Path
of the Eastern Orthodox Church, The Jesus Prayer, Sacrament of the Present
Moment, Prayer of Examen and Spiritual Direction, Lectio Divina, Living the
Contemplative Life.